Hi, My Name is Mom

Hi, my name is actually Kaity but my followers call me mom. Actually, my full name is MomMomMomMomMom..But, you can call me Kaity, or Mom – really I will answer to either. So, it’s the start of the New Year… (can I get a thank you Jesus? 2016 sucked) and people are making their resolutions, refraining from resolutions, trying new things and all that good stuff. I guess I, like many others, am venturing into uncharted territory by starting a blog. I don’t really have any idea what this blog is going to turn into, if anything. Really, I just need a space that is my own where I can write out my thoughts and maybe share some neat ideas or products with other people who may find them as useful or fascinating as I do. I had planned to write in this space a little ‘about me’ but the more I sit here the more I realize I don’t really know who “me” is anymore. I’ve been MOM for the last 4 years which is an awesome gig, don’t get me wrong, these kids are my entire world. But, somewhere in the transition from Kaity to Mom I kind of left Kaity in the dust while Mom completely took over like some sort of weird transformer mutation type thing – yes I do have a son and we watch transformers all the time and no I don’t understand the full logistics of why or what they actually do, whatever.

I guess who I am can be summed up like this:

I am a lover of coffee, without caffeine I’d have no friends; seriously I am sort of a monster. I am a book lover, although lately most of the books I read contain pictures of dump trucks, princesses, and an assortment of animals. Sometimes when I get time to myself where I don’t have to be folding laundry or doing dishes or cleaning up someones bodily fluids I like to sit down and read a good book. I love wine. I’ve got an amazing husband who sacrifices so much for our family, and whom I love with my entire being (even if I sometimes want to hit him upside the head with a frying pan… can I get an amen?!). I love Jesus, plain and simple. If you don’t love Jesus, if you have a different religion or opinion that is totally cool and I respect that so please also respect my love for Him – I will not tolerate a religious debate on this blog. I love the smell of the rain. Chocolate is life. I hate peanut butter. I love to be surrounded by people while at the same time it gives me an anxiety attack. Leggings are pants; I don’t care what you think. My favorite season is spring, theres something so magical about that time of year; things that once looked dead and decayed start to creep back to life and color returns and inside theres just a feeling of happiness knowing that soon flowers will be in full bloom, the sun will be shining again, and the scenery will be breathtaking. I love my family with every ounce of my body and soul.

I hope that somewhere along the way in the journey of blogging some of you will hang out and read what is flowing through my mind. I hope that every once in a while I hear from someone out there who is reading my words. Most of all I just hope that I can stick with this and create an awesome outlet for myself and do something just for me because as all moms know, its so easy to get lost in the life of mom; between the diaper changes, the laundry, the cooking, the errand running and everything else we do. Lets not forget we are also a person and we too deserve to be well looked after and self-care and enjoyment is important. It makes us better moms, wives, and friends. So, here I go, I hope you’ll tag along for this ride.

Lets see what happens.



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