The 5 Things I am Doing to Create Joy

So, as you know I am trying to add joy and happiness into my life and get rid of anything that causes annoyance, chaos, and the like. It can be challenging because I can be a real Debbie Downer sometimes when I am spinning on my hamster-wheel of doom. BUT, the little things that I am trying to make a conscious effort everyday are starting to work. I’ve started with these 5 simple tasks, and eventually I will add more, but so far this is what I can handle so this is what I am doing:

  1. Wake up and smile
    • Instead of waking up and being angry that the sun decided to shine or my kid(s) decided that 4:30am was an appropriate time to wake up, I am consciously trying to wake up and smile. I smile at my kids, I give them a kiss (even if my eyes are half closed) and I walk to the percolator and start my coffee
  2. Thank my husband for the work and effort and sacrifices he makes every single day
    • Unlike myself, my husband has to wake up early, actually put on real clothes, and go to work and while he loves his job, he has to miss out on all the little things that happen around the house everyday. I love and appreciate him, but I don’t always tell him and when I do, it makes everyone happier.
  3. Pray/meditate/sit quietly for a minute or so
    • Praying and giving thanks are crucial in my life to be happy. The days and/or weeks I forget to stop and just say,”thank you for today, Lord” end up being some of the hardest days and weeks of my life. I tend to be grouchy and I forget to see the beauty in my children when they are screaming and getting on my last nerve, it’s harder to be kind to my husband when all I can think about is how lucky he was that he got to go to work and not clean urine off the bathroom floor, and its harder to just be satisfied. Starting my morning with just a quick, ‘thank you’ is really beneficial.
  4. Do the dishes before going to bed
    • Theres really no words to describe the hatred i feel when I wake up and stagger to the kitchen to make coffee and see a giant pile of dishes in the sink that I was too lazy to take care of the previous night — especially since doing them first thing in the morning is going to cut into my coffee and relaxing time. So, by getting that daunting chore out of the way I can start my day with a nice clean kitchen which really makes me happy.
  5. Put away my laundry after folding it
    • I HATE folding laundry and putting it away, but I am a happier person when I get that done. It takes roughly 20minutes to fold and walk around the house putting everything in its place and then its done and over with and I can move on and it doesn’t just sit there staring at me.

These things seem pretty basic, I know, but you’d be shocked at how long I can let a basketful of clean clothes sit in the corner of a room and just pretend like I don’t see it. Or maybe I just “forget” to look at the sink and see those dirty dishes. Every new idea, habit, change has to start somewhere and starting small is going to create that awesome snowball effect and eventually those small changes and additions and improvements will turn into big movements. Don’t ever be ashamed of where you’re starting or what you feel you should or need to start with. As long as you’ve got a dream and a goal, you’ve got to start making a path and pressing forward. You will never get anywhere if you never choose to take a step.

And as always, my mantra for life…

Let’s see what happens!


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