Let’s Move Some Mountains

Wow, have things ever been crazy this last month. We officially moved into our brand new house and its gorgeous but we’ve got way too much stuff, so the minimizing continues until we have just exactly what we need. The kids love the house so far, its much more spacious than the apartment and we can each have our own little space so we aren’t constantly on top of one another — which I very much appreciate when my mommy brain has just had enough and I need to step away and breathe.

With this new month I am challenging myself to step out of my box I’ve placed myself in and I am trying new things. I want 2017 to be a year of growth in as many parts of my life as possible — except my waistline, lets be real I’d be super happy if that shrunk. With the new house I am challenging myself to keep a schedule and stay organized for my own sanity mostly, but also so I am not constantly stressing and worrying about the cleanliness of my home and where the heck I put things. That of course ties into this minimalist lifestyle we are still working hard to achieve. So far so good though, I’ve said goodbye to many items that no longer brought me joy and were just taking up space. Other items I am repurposing to fit our current lifestyle better [stay tuned, there will be a DIY furniture piece in the near future]. It feels great to let things go, as it always does, and its so beautiful and fresh to walk around the house (even amongst the cardboard boxes) and see the progress. Another area of my life I am really going to focus on this year is health. Not weightless but overall health; I want to be the best me, the best wife, the best mom I can possibly be and that means getting into a healthy routine. Switching things up in the kitchen, exercising, and #optoutside for some fresh air and sunshine. I’ve already signed up for my very first 10k in Nov at DISNEYLAND!! I am so excited, I can hardly stand it! But, 6.2mi is a lot to work up to since I haven’t run in over a year. I’ve also signed up for a 5k in May for a bit of motivation to get my butt in gear. Both races my 4 year old will be participating in with me, although he will be doing a Disney Dish and not the 10k, of course. I am really excited to start running with him, and who knows? Maybe it’ll push me harder and farther knowing that his little eyes are watching me. This year I was to break through mental barriers and I want to move internal mountains and that I allowed to rise within myself, keeping myself back. Its time to step out and conquer and I can’t wait to see what happens. Blossom instead of wither is my new mantra I’ve been saying to myself to keep going when I want to quit.

What are your goals? What is your mountain you want to move?


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