Grease, Grease, Baby

I have to share this amazing product because if I don’t I seriously feel like I will be holding out on a really fantastic secret. If you’re got itchy, dry scalp, greasy hair, limp hair, hair that is dull and lifeless, you have got to run to LUSH and pick up a tub of BIG shampoo — you will not be sorry. Postpartum hormones do horrendous things to my hair and some Facebook friends told me about sea salt shampoo. Did some research and landed with LUSH since I prefer my products to be pretty squeaky clean and free of harsh chemicals. It’s wonderful and I wish someone had told me about this product long ago.

To piggyback on this, if you’ve got stinky pits and you’re tired of slapping on chemical filled sticks of deodorant, pick up some deodorant powder (I prefer the one called Guv’ner) and you’ll be so happy you did! Deodorant powder sounds weird though, right? And yea, it kind of is. But you’ll get used to it and the lack of stinky pits will make you wish you’d tried it sooner. The amount of money I’ve spent on natural deodorants only to end up smelling like the stinky kid in class before noon is almost shameful. But, this deodorant powder has changed my world!




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