A Turtle Running Through Peanut Butter

Have you heard that saying? Something like, “I run! I may be as slow as a herd of turtles in peanut butter, but I run”. Its 100% how I feel these days when I get outside to run. Damn, I’ve gotten S-L-O-W and oh my gawd, my legs and calves feel like blocks of cement, its total misery. Why am I running if it makes me so miserable? Very good question my friends. That would be because I signed myself up for a 5k and 10k this year… apparently I want to torture myself. No, not really, but I do want to get healthy and push myself to go farther and do things that scare me. I hate running, but part of me wants to be a runner. So, here I am, slowly training for these races, taking it 1/2 mile at a time currently.

I am sort of going into this as a mental declutter or a type of minimizing the thoughts I’ve got going on in my head all the time. I’ve been storing this desire to become a runner for a few years now, and at this point its just taking up space in my brain. I either need to do something about this goal or I need to toss it and make room for new ideas and dreams. Instead of tossing this one to the side, I am going to conquer it. My end goal is to run a full marathon, probably at the end of 2018 or start of 2019. WOW, thats so far in advance for my commitment-phobe self to plan something, but, here it is now, in print so that means I’ve got to do it, right?

I am going to own 2017. No more setting things aside for someday; the day is today and the time is now and I am here to get shit done! Who knows how many tomorrows I’ve got left in this whacky life.

Are any of you runners? Got any tips for this peanut butter, turtle-speed running newbie?

Pray for me guys, my legs hurt already and I haven’t even ran yet today.


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