Cardboard Boxes

Our entire house is still infested with cardboard boxes from our move. They are filled with items I don’t really even care about anymore, but I feel I still need to go through each and every box just to be sure there isn’t something I really care about tucked away in the wrapping paper. Why do we have so much stuff? It’s really amazing the volume of belongings you can acquire over a period of time. But seriously, what is the reason for me to have 3 full sets of fine china, 12 champagne flutes, and 24 crystal wine glasses?

Answer. There is NO REASON!

We are trying to sell as much as we can because I hate the idea of these items going in the trash to a landfill when there is someone out there who might cherish them. But, oh my gawd, it’s so hard to get someone to show up to pick up the items they said they wanted! Don’t be a jerk. If you said you wanted something and made a plan to pick it up, show the F up or write a message saying you changed your mind.

None of this junk is bringing me joy and it’s actually causing a lot of frustration and anger because it’s so messy and unorganized. My head is spinning from all this stuff coming into the house. Funny how things have changed since making that mind-shift toward a minimalist lifestyle. Before, the piles of stuff and random trinkets wouldn’t have really bothered me much and now, I just want to scoop it up and throw it away from the arm full.

I swear if we ever move again, we will sell the house furnished and take only what we can fit into our suitcases because this is out of hand.


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